High-priced drug policy-施李正 (Tulane University)


主  题:High-priced drug policy

内容简介:High-priced drugs can impose a crushing burden on some of our sickest, most vulnerable citizens.  WHO moves to improve access to lifesaving medicines for hepatitis C, drug-resistant TB and cancers. Governments and manufacturers in China and other countries have several policy initiatives to address the drug cost issues.  As one of the initiatives, caps on cost-sharing aim to ease this burden and help people access critical treatments by spreading some of the costs across healthy and sick alike.  As debate over how best to manage this trade-off between out of pocket costs and access to high-priced drugs continues, the experiences of governments and payers taking early actions should be closely monitored.

报告人:施李正    教授

时  间: 2017-06-09    13:00

地  点:大学术报告厅(一楼)

举办单位:经济与金融研究院  科研部

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