Environmentally-friendly technology and rural development-Sébastien MARCHAND (University Clermont Auvergne)


主  题:Environmentally-friendly technology and rural development

内容简介:Rural world faces important challenges at world level. It has to deal with food safety, to give a decent income to farmers and to preserve the environment. In order to fulfill this threefold issue, agriculture has to be become more sustainable and intensify. Environmentally-friendly technologies can help for achieving this goal. The aim of our research project is to investigate several of those technologies from field surveys in three emerging countries: Argentina, Brazil and China. We focus on one environmentally-friendly technology that consists in improving the knowledge of soil condition in order to better use fertilizers. This technology is of great interest because it allows for farmers to reduce their use of fertilizers and thus to reduce production costs while lessening damages on environment.  The aim of this seminar is to present this research project.
报告人:Sébastien MARCHAND     Associate Professor

时  间:2017-07-05    10:00

地  点:位育楼117

举办单位:经济与金融研究院  科研部

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