rom Playing Field to Boardrooms: Evidence from the World-董轶哲 (英国阿伯丁大学)


主  题: From Playing Field to Boardrooms: Evidence from the World

内容简介: This study examines the relation between the athletic experience of board directors and corporate outcome. We conjecture the beneficial effects of athletes’ attributes such as physical fitness, mental resilience, leadership and team-working skills on their monitoring and advisory roles. Using a large sample from 71 countries, we find that athletic experience is associated with better firm performance. The benefits are more pronounced for experience of team sports, confrontational sports and firms during financial crisis. We instrument the athletic experience of directors with the number of Olympic medals and Olympic sports that a country earned and participated in the previous Olympic Game. The results further confirm the value of athletic experience.

报告人: 董轶哲      副教授    博导

时  间: 2017-12-18    18:30

地  点: 敏达楼516

举办单位: 金融学院  科研部


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