Multi-Sourcing Supply Network Design: Two-Stage Chance-Constrained Model, Tractable Approximations, and Computational Results-舒嘉 (东南大学经济管理学院)


主  题:多点供应供应链网络设计:两阶段机会约束模型可行近似和计算结果

In this research, we study a multi-sourcing supply chain network design problem under demand uncertainty, in which each retailer can source a single product from more than one distribution center. The problem takes into account the trade-off among the costs
of location and inventory holding, as well as the fixed linkage and per unit delivery costs between distribution centers and retailers. We propose a nonlinear mixed integer programming model with a joint chance constraint to optimally balance all the cost components while achieving a certain service level. Two approaches, namely, a set-wise approximation and a Linear Decision Rule based approximation, are constructed to robustly approximate the service level chance constraint with incomplete demand information. Both approaches yield sparse distribution networks, which are effective in matching uncertain demand using on-hand inventory and hence successfully reach a high service level.
报告人:舒嘉    教授    博导



时  间:2016-05-10    15:00

地  点:竞慧东楼305


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