Corruption and Abandonment of Nascent Venture Creation Efforts in a Transition Economy-杨静钰 (悉尼大学商学院)


主  题:Corruption and Abandonment of Nascent Venture Creation Efforts in a Transition Economy: The Moderating Role of Social–cultural Climate

内容简介:This study investigates when the pervasiveness and arbitrariness of government corruption may inhibit and facilitate nascent entrepreneurs’ new venture creation in a transition economy. Using data from a random survey of 321 nascent entrepreneurs in China, we found that both the pervasiveness and the arbitrariness of corruption increase nascent entrepreneurs’ likelihood of discontinuing start-up efforts, generally showing a detrimental effect on new venture creation. However, the detrimental effect of pervasive corruption becomes weaker when the social–cultural climate is perceived hostile for entrepreneurs. The detrimental effect of arbitrary corruption, by contrast, weakens when the social–cultural climate is more favorable for entrepreneurs. The findings highlight the different impacts of the two dimensions of government corruption on nascent entrepreneurs’ abandonment of new venture creation in the presence of varying social–cultural support in different subnational locations of a transition economy.

报告人:杨静钰    高级讲师

时  间:2016-06-01    15:30

地  点:敏达楼415

举办单位:经济与贸易学院  科研部

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