Bounding the Welfare Effects of CAFE Standards-KENNETH A. SMALL (加州大学欧文分校)


主  题:Bounding the Welfare Effects of CAFE Standards-KENNETH A. SMALL (加州大学欧文分校)

内容简介:After three decades of empirical assessments, economists have not reached consensus on whether Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards improve or reduce social welfare.  Evaluating CAFE is complicated by factors such as consumers' expectations of future fuel prices, their valuation of and responsiveness to changes in fuel economy, automakers' optimal technological and strategic behavior, and changes in used-vehicle markets.  We account for some of those factors in a quantitative assessment of CAFE by modifying the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Modeling System. We present plausible bounds on CAFE's effects with a focus on the impacts of modeling assumptions.

报告人:KENNETH A. SMALL    教授

时  间:2016-10-14    10:30

地  点:敏达楼415

举办单位:经济与贸易学院  科研部

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