Internationalization of the RMB: Should China beware what she wishes for?-Kent Matthews (英国cardiff大学商学院)


主  题:Internationalization of the RMB: Should China beware what she wishes for?

内容简介: By examining the sterling and the dollar in thinternationalisation of the currency, the experience of history will throw up lessons for the Chinese authorities on the benefits and constraints of opening the RMB up for use by the international economy. The lecture tries to answer the questions what are the necessary conditions for the internationalisation of a currency? How did sterling and the dollar become internationalised? What are the potential advantages and constraints internationalisation creates? Why does China want to internationalise the RMB? Why now and what are head winds in the process? The answers to these questions could deepen our understanding bout the internationalisation process of RMB and make a prediction on the exchange rate of RMB.
报告人:Kent Matthews    教授

时  间:    2016-11-30    14:00

地  点:敏知楼102室


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