Sustainable Economy and Social Responsibility-Fran?ois Petit (ESC La Rochelle)


主  题:Sustainable Economy and Social Responsibility

内容简介:The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is underpinned by the idea that corporations can no longer act as isolated economic entities operating in detachment from broader society. Traditional views about competitiveness, survival and profitability are being swept away. The lecture offers a broad overview and open discussion on divers issues of CSR and the relation with sustainable economy. It tries to answer the questions why do we need to install social responsibility in business activities? What are different approaches of CSR in different countries? What’s the good governance of CSR? How does CSR could contribute to the sustainable economy? The answers to these questions could deepen our understanding bout the development of CSR and where do we stand today for the sustainable development

报告人:François Petit    教授

时  间:2017-04-06    14:00

地  点:竞秀南楼203


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