Spillovers in Asset Prices--Kasper Nielsen (香港科技大学)


主  题: Spillovers in Asset Prices: The Curious Case of Haunted Houses

内容简介:Exploiting the unique institutional setting of Hong Kong’s real estate market, we uncover a curious ripple effect of haunted houses on the prices of nearby houses. Prices drop on average 20% for units that become haunted, 5% for units on the same floor,3% for units in the same block, and 1% for units in the same estate. Price recovery is slow, and discounts are long lasting. Our study makes two contributions. First, our results provide an estimate of a large negative spillover on asset prices caused by an idiosyncratic shock, rather than demand or supply shocks related to economic fundamentals. Second, since we observe that negative spillovers exist even if the haunted house is not sold, we can isolate the quality channel from the fire sale channel. We find that the quality channel contributes significantly to spillovers in assets prices.

报告人: Kasper Nielsen      副教授

时  间:2017-10-11    10:00 

地  点: 位育楼117 

举办单位: 经济与金融研究院  科研部

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