Testing for Structural Breaks in Spatial Trends-张荣茂 (浙江大学)


主  题: Testing for Structural Breaks in Spatial Trends

内容简介:  Non-stationary spatial models are widely applicable in diverse disciplines, ranging from bio-medical sciences to geophysical studies. In many of theses applications, testing for structural changes in the trend and testing the specific form of the trend are highly relevant. A novel statistics based on a discrepancy measure over small regions is proposed in this paper. Such a measure can be used to construct tests for structural trends and to identify change boundaries of the trends. By virtue of the m-dependence approximation of a stationary random field, asymptotic properties and limit distributions of these tests are established. The method is illustrated by   simulations and data analysis.    

报告人: 张荣茂      教授
时  间: 2018-01-03    15:00

地  点: 竟慧东楼302

举办单位: 理学院  统计科学与大数据研究院

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