Single sourcing vs. multiple sourcing:-蒋昌敏 (University of Manitoba)


主  题: Single sourcing vs. multiple sourcing: Empirical evidence from the US airline industry

内容简介: This study empirically investigates major US network carriers’ sourcing strategies (single vs. multiple sourcing) with regional carriers in domestic routes. We find that the higher the frequency of adverse weather (measured by snowfalls) in a route market, the more likely that a network carrier would contract with more than one regional carrier, conditional on the fact that the market is outsourced. This confirms the hypothesis that higher uncertainty/risk triggers risk pooling. We also show that the on-time performance of the two airports involved in a route market is negatively correlated with the network carriers’ decision of multiple sourcing.

报告人: 蒋昌敏      副教授

时  间: 2018-04-13    10:00 

地  点: 位育楼117 

举办单位: 金融学院  经济与金融研究院  科研部

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